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Why and How to Hire a Makeup Artist

The big day is just around the corner! You’ve found the perfect dress, flowers, photographer, and hairdresser. Every little detail has been taken care of...or has it You’ve thought about hiring a professional makeup artist but you’re still not sure if it’s worth it.

There are several advantages in hiring a professional makeup artist. We’ve been trained to understand which products work best in different lighting and how makeup will affect your photos. That by applying certain techniques and products your makeup will last all day and into the night...even through tears and lots of smooching. We know which colors will make your eyes “pop” and how to enhance your favorite features. We also know how to properly conceal dark circles, uneven skin tones, or those pesky blemishes. Plus, by placing your trust in a professional you will be reducing your stress level on this very important occasion. You deserve to sit back, relax into the makeup chair, and leave the rest to us!

So, how do you find a professional makeup artist? This will take a little leg work but will be well worth it in in the end. Speak to past brides, friends or family who have gotten their makeup done, and treat word of mouth like gold. Most women are willing to share the good, the bad, and the ugly. Also talk to photographers and wedding planners. They know from experience that a professional and talented makeup artist can make their job and help the day flow smoothly (less touch-ups, less time, less stress for all). You can also do a Google search for local artists in your area or in the location you plan to be married. Look through their website; especially their work experience and portfolio (and make sure they have one!). Speaking of portfolios, I also suggest taking a look at their style of work. All artists are not created equal nor do they always share the same style. Some may do a little bit of everything while others may focus more on bridal.

Now, here are some things to consider during your search...

1. They do not have a portfolio or all their pictures are only selfies.

2. They have no or limited education in makeup artistry; this is just a hobby.

3. They do not offer a trial or a contract.

4. They do not own professional products and tools and/or ask that you purchase your own makeup.

5. They are not professional (e.g. late, poor communication, disorganized, pushy)

6. They work in a chain store. Do not get me wrong...this does not mean that some aren't talented in their own right. However, this also does not guarantee that they've been properly trained in sanitation (most important!), color theory, and which tools and products work well with specific skin tones and textures.

OK, now you have found an artist (or two). Now what? You ask questions. By asking questions you can get a sense of who the artist is and if they will be a good fit for your special day or event.

1. Are you available for my date?

2. Do you book more than one event in a day?

3. Do you travel to my location?

4. Is there a trial before the event and how much is it?

5. Is there a contract?

6. Is there a deposit to secure my date?

7. If no website, do they have a portfolio you can see?

In the end, choose an artist who is a good fit for you. You want to feel at ease and confident in their ability to make you and your bridal party feel beautiful and relaxed on such a special occasion. If you've found your artist, congratulations!!

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