How to Prepare for Your Special Day

Did you know that your makeup will only look as good as your skin does? Did you know that makeup, especially powders, will accentuate dry, flaky skin and that it will only reduce the redness and not always the texture of a pimple? Did you know that being under prepared can cause unnecessary stress for you, your party, and your makeup artist? Now, if I have placed you in panic mode, I want you to take a deep breath and say "We've got this!"

With over 10 years of experience, I have seen it all. I have worked with hundreds of clients and have been witness to what does and does not work. To help your special day run smoothly, I have compiled a list of things you can do prior to and on the day of your event in preparation for your makeup application. These are only suggestions (not the Holy Grail) but I believe they will help you achieve an Oh, Happy Day!

Pre-Event Prep:

~ Do start a good skin regimen as soon as possible if you don’t have one already. This includes cleansers, moisturizers, serums, treatments etc.. for your personal skin type. Meet with your esthetician or dermatologist months in advance to treat problem areas (e.g. acne, scarring, hyperpigmentation). Remember, your makeup will only look as good as your skin does!

~ Do have waxing, threading, or tweezing done days or more before. Sometimes we can have reactions such as burns, bumps, and redness which we do not want on the day of the event or wedding. If you have not had these services before, try them months in advance first so you know how your skin will react.

~ Do a spray tan if you favor that beachy glow but use sunscreen otherwise. The sun’s rays (and a tanning bed) can and will damage that lovely skin of yours and you could risk a burn and peeling. Makeup does not sit well on burned or flaky is not pretty, trust me.

~ Do drink plenty of H2O, get plenty of sleep, eat well, exercise and/or meditate. If you do not take care of your inner self, it can show up on your face as acne, bags, dark circles, wrinkles, and dull, dry skin.

~ Regardless of the size of the party receiving services, being organized, using good communication, and a timeline will help big time! This way everyone knows what to expect. At your makeup trial is a good time to go over all the details with your artist.

~Confirm times and locations with everyone including vendors. Have a list of phone numbers for all people in your party and your vendors.

~ Set up a timeline for hair and makeup appointments especially if you have a larger party. If time is of the essence, you never want someone just sitting around...including your stylist and artist. Although it is preferred that makeup applications are provided after hair, due to timing that may not be possible. Your artist should be flexible about this but also help guide you.

~ Please remind all people having services provided that they must disclose allergies or sensitivities prior to the application and that they must sign a waiver before the artist will begin. You do not want your bridesmaid to go without because the makeup artist had to refuse services. Remember, they have got to cover their butts and have every right to do this.

Day of Event Prep:

~ Please make sure there is an open, clean space for the artist to set up. Near any natural/adequate lighting and with a medium/large workspace is best.

~ Make sure that everyone has their face free from products (moisturizers or serums are okay) before start time and that they are ready to hop in the chair at their start time.

~ Please make sure everyone is wearing a button down or wide neck shirt that is easy to pull over their heads after makeup is done.

~ Time is precious and taking a phone call (or three) will delay services. If you are expecting a call, designate someone you trust to handle these while you are in the chair. Brides, I cannot stress this enough. Please make sure you appoint someone (the one who likes to take charge) to take your calls/texts or speak with vendors when they arrive while you are getting your makeup done. It will relieve you of any unnecessary stress on your special day.

~ Prior to the event, a contract and timeline has been set and agreed upon between the artist and client. Depending on what is requested, each person will take about 30 to 45 minutes. Your artist follows this so you and your party are ready on time. Please, please, please do not ask for additional services (e.g. tattoo coverage) or an additional person the day of or on a whim and then be upset when the artist cannot accommodate the request.

~ Please have pictures ready for the rest of the party member's makeup that you would like them to have. Or if you prefer, have them bring pictures of what they like. This will cut out any delays from the friend or family member who can’t decide and gives the artist a clear vision of what they want. Don't be afraid or intimidated if you don't wear makeup. An educated artist should be able to guide you.

~ Please make sure that it is very clear as to who owes what and what forms of payment are accepted. The artist will give you the contract prior to the event which should explain this in detail. Please pay the artist when services are not make them have to wait, ask, or chase you down. It is embarrassing. (Also, gratuity is not included but always happily accepted. Rule of thumb, if you tip your hairdresser, tip your makeup artist.)

~ Lastly and most importantly, have fun!! No matter if it is your wedding, a special event, or a girl's night out, this should be your #1 priority.

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