Benefit of Beauty Oils

I feel like I am late to the game when it comes to using carrier oils in my beauty routine. For years I read about the multiple benefits but never incorporated them into my day to day life. From dry skin and wrinkles to acne and rashes, specific oils can really help improve, heal, and even clean our skin. It wasn't until I started using them on myself and my children that I realized they are definitely worth the hype.

Coconut Oil: Unless you have been living a very sheltered life, you probably have noticed coconut oil can be found in just about every product imaginable today. You'll see it in lotion, shampoo and conditioners, and even toothpaste. Coconut oil is just one of those products that I always have around my house. I use it not only on myself but my children as well. It can be used right out of the container but I suggest clean hands or a scoop. We use it as a moisturizer for dry skin; especially in the winter when our skin is in desperate need. A lip balm (every winter on cue my daughter gets super chapped lips and this is what I use to help heal them fast). It can also be used as a facial cleanser and eye-makeup remover, which doesn't make your skin an oil slick, promise!

Grapeseed Oil: This can be used for oily/combo and acne prone skin as a cleanser and moisturizer. Yes, even oily/acne prone skin needs oil! Grapeseed oil is lighter than coconut oil, has a fair amount of vitamins C and E for healing, and has linoleic acid which is thought to help tighten and reduce clogged pores.

Manuka Oil: After I had my second child, my skin went horribly berzerk! I was 40 and getting cystic acne. I felt like I was a teenager again but my skin was a 1000 times worse. I was getting really super stressed (and sad) about what to do. I did a ton of research and came across manuka oil. It is part of the tea tree family which originates in New Zealand but it stronger than tea tree oil. Whenever I had a breakout, I would place the oil on a q-tip and dab it on the effected area. Although it wasn't a miraculous cure, I definitely saw a reduction in redness, inflammation, and it healed faster.(I also used Manuka honey as a face mask multiple times a week to help keep things calm).

Rosehip Oil: Rosehip oil has a long history of being used as a healing oil dating back to the Egyptians. Rosehip oil is great for dry skin as it is full of vitamins and nourishing fatty acids. It is often used as a moisturizer to hydrate skin, repair damaged

skin, and is thought to be a great skin brightener.

Hemp Seed Oil: Hemp seed oil comes from the Hemp plant. You probably relate hemp to cannabis or marijuana but don't worry, it won't make you high. Hemp oil can typically be used by a variety of skin types. It can plump and moisturize, balance and calm, and reduce the appearance of fine lines.

Oil Cleansing:

About a year or so ago I was given a product to try on myself in return for an honest review. I realized after a couple of weeks that oil cleansing was going to be a complete game changer in my beauty routine. In the past, every time I washed my face with a cleanser I had picked up from my local store, my face felt super tight and dry. Even those "gentle" face washes, who claim to make your skin feel soft and supple, made me feel the complete opposite. I then had to add moisture back to my skin to not feel horribly uncomfortable...and for makeup to look nice! Dry skin is one of makeup's worst enemies. This all just seemed like such a vicious cycle.

So I decided to give oil cleansing a try and the first product I used was by klo organic beauty and I used their dual oil cleanser and serum. To oil cleanse, you first take the oil and gently massage it into your face, making sure to really loosen all the cosmetics and impurities. You then take a hot wash cloth (or as warm as you can tolerate), ring out the water, and place it on your face for about 10 seconds and then gently wipe. Repeat this a couple more times until you feel like you've gotten everything. You then use a small pump of the serum and gently apply it to your face and neck (a little goes a very long way).

Did I see a complete change in my skin and am now free of fine wrinkles and sun spots? No, but my skin feels so, so much softer, not tight at all, and the routine itself is so very relaxing and you get a little bit of self-pampering in (and who doesn't need that!?). It's a little expensive especially for someone on a tight budget ($96 for the set). However, a little goes a long way so it is going to last, the ingredient list is a-mazing, it will help create healthier, happier skin, and you'll support a local business in the Berkshires!

As with everything, I suggest doing your own research before purchasing any skin care or cosmetic product. What works for one does not work for all. When trying out new products, always do a small patch test to make sure you are not sensitive or allergic. Try to purchase organic when able.

Here is a list of where to find some of the products mentioned:

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